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Melvindale Housing Commission
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Melvindale, MI  48122
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The plans are also available for review at the Melvindale Housing Commission office located at 3501 Oakwood, Melvindale, Michigan.

The office is open 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

2015 - 2019 Five-Year Plan

The Melvindale Housing Commission (MHC) has developed its 2015-2019 Five-Year Plan in compliance with the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998.  The plans have been submitted to the U.D. Department of Housing and Urban Development for approval and will take effect during the federal fiscal year that begins January 1, 2014.  Both plans can be viewed online by clicking the links below (the Five-Year Plan is sections 5.1 and 5.2 of HUD form 50075).

2016 Annual Agency Plan

To download our current 2016 Annual Plan that is the blueprint for MHC activities during the fiscal year 2016, click on the links below:

                         2016 Annual Plan

Click the links below to view documents that are related to the MHC Agency Plan:

  • Melvindale Housing Commission

               Section 8 Administrative Plan

  • Melvindale HousingCommission

Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) 


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