Questions about the Section 8 Application Process and Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers

How does the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program work?

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program assists low-income households by paying private rental property owners a portion of the total rent. Qualified participants can transfer their rental assistance to other cities or areas of the country.

Is the Melvindale Housing Commission (MHC) accepting new applicants to its Section 8 Program?

The MHC is not currently accepting new Section 8 applicants. We are currently serving applicants who applied to the program during 2009. We do not anticipate opening the Section 8 waiting list for several years.

  I currently live at an apartment complex that accepts Section 8. Does this mean I can get part of my rent paid by Section 8?

To receive a Section 8 rental subsidy, you must have applied for and been awarded a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher. We are not currently accepting new applicants to our Section 8 program due to a lengthy existing waiting list. If you are currently on our Section 8 waiting list, we will contact you by U.S. Mail at the time your name reaches the top of the list. If you are eligible for a Section 8 voucher at that time, the Section 8 Program will pay a portion of the rent on the eligible housing of your choice. Please be sure to keep your mailing address updated as we will contact you at the address we have on file. You can update your application online via a secure Application Update Form, or click PDF version of the Application Update Form to download a printable version of the necessary paperwork.

Where can I find a listing of available Section 8 apartments?

The MHC refers Section 8 clients to Michigan Housing Locator, a free online housing rental database provided by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA). You can search for Section 8 housing on the MSHDA site, just be sure to check “Accepts HCVs (Section 8)” in the “amenities” section of the search page.

I own rental property. Where can I get information about participating in the Section 8 program?

Please click Information for Property Owners to view a page of our website that offers Section 8 information of interest to rental property owners.

I own rental property. Can I list available Section 8 rental units with the MHC?

The MHC does not maintain a listing of available rental properties. We refer property owners who want to list their units to Michigan Housing Locator, a free rental listing/search database operated by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA).

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading FAQs can be a fast way to find answers to some of your questions about Melvindale Housing Commission programs. If you do not find the information you need, please contact us.

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General Questions

How do I apply for housing assistance?

To apply for housing through the Melvindale Housing Commission Low-Income Public Housing program, please complete and submit our Preliminary Application.

The MHC is not currently accepting new Section 8 applicants due to a lengthy existing waiting list.

I am homeless or need immediate housing assistance.  How do I apply for emergency housing?

Unfortunately the MHC is not an emergency housing provider. To apply to <<<<<<< or to get information about other emergency housing resources, please contact The Salvation Army-Booth Family Services.

I currently live outside of the Melvindale area can I still apply for housing?

Yes, however, please be aware that our agency-administered elderly and disabled housing development is required to serve households currently living within the City of Melvindale before we can serve those applying from outside of our area. We are not currently accepting new applicants to our Section 8 Program due to a lengthy existing waiting list.

How do I apply for employment with the Melvindale Housing Commission?

We accept employment applications only when we have an open position. Employment opportunities are advertised in local media and on our website—please check the Employment page of our website for updates.

How do I report a housing code violation or file a complaint about my rental housing?

The Melvindale Housing Commission administers affordable housing programs for low-income families and is not a primary agency for City code enforcement. If you are a MHC Section 8 client, please contact your Section 8 Coordinator. If you rent at a MHC-administered housing development, please contact your MHC Property Management staff. Renters who participate in MHC housing programs should report possible housing code violations to the City of Melvindale Code Compliance Division.

Questions about MHC-Managed Low-Income Public Housing

I have moved since applying for housing, how do I update the information on my housing application?

You can update your information by accessing our Waiting List Change of Address form.  Print, complete and mail back to us.

What exactly needs to be updated on my previously submitted housing application?

It’s very important that you keep your current mailing address on file with the MHC. When your name reaches the top of our waiting list, you will be contacted by U.S. Mail at the address we have on file. Changes to family composition and income should only be reported at the time you are called in for eligibility.

How long is the wait to rent one of your elderly or disabled one-bedroom apartments at Coogan Terrace Apartments?

The wait to rent at Coogan Terrace varies between 1 to 12 months. Approximate current average wait times for applicants who currently live in Melvindale or who are military Veterans are: 1 to 3 months.